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About Rockingham Systems:

"We are able to provide the necessary technical solution for your production requirements; it is also our aim to increase the customers profit by reducing their costs; effectively providing 'value' through increased production numbers or reducing cycle times.  We are not tied to any adhesive supplier, and can  work closely with your chosen adhesive supplier to ensure that technical issues are resolved without fuss".

Where we work: We work directly with customers based in Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands and UK.

What we do: We sell resin and glue dispensing machines, spare parts for our machines and also, Casco and Sika adhesive metering systems and carry out servicing of machines in Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands and UK.

Rockingham supplier and manufacturers of adhesive dispensing and adhesive application systems, With our expertise in adhesive and resin mixing  we have machines that can be used for the manufacture of truck panels, doors, caravans, mobile homes, facade panels, laminations, continuous and discontinuous lines,  casting, electronic encapsulation, moulding, veneering, parquet flooring, wood industries, etc.

Machinery systems for adhesive dispensing start from simple manual glueing machines, automatic machines to apply the correct adhesive coat-weight; to robot controlled precision dispensing

Adhesive types used on our equipment: polyurethane 1 and 2 component, epoxy, silicone, elastomer, acrylate resin, polysulfide, silicate, urea formaldehyde, melamine urea formaldehyde, phenol resorcinal, emulsion polymer isocyanate, PVC, PVA, resins, etc.


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