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Welcome to Rockingham Systems

Expertise in adhesive application & metering equipment, two part / 2-component adhesive & resin mixing and dispensing machine systems (Meter Mix).

Rockingham offer adhesive dispensing equipment and glue application systems; machines can be standard or bespoke to suit customers production, adhesive or resin type; two of our automated adhesive application systems are shown on this page.  With our expertise in adhesive application systems and with the range of resin dispensing machines available we have solutions to suit your needs.

Machine type 3400 for adhesive application of 1 or 2 component adhesive on to sandwich panels

Machine type 3600 for adhesive application of 2 component adhesive on to large surface area sandwich panels such as truck panels

System type 3400 adhesive application machine (pictured above) (reciprocating adhesive spreader applies beads of adhesive in a diamond pattern).


Rockingham machines are being used for the manufacture of many types of sandwich panel construction such as those used in trucks, doors, caravans, mobile homes, facade, as well as systems for continuous and discontinuous lines. Our adhesive applicators can be simple manual systems, automatic or robot controlled XY application. Liquid dispensing of glues and resins are metered, mixed and dispensed using the best components from our major suppliers so that continuity of supply and service is guaranteed.


System type 3600 adhesive application machine (pictured left) for applying glue to large surface area sandwich panels over vacuum press tables.

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