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Liquid adhesive dispensing

Bead/String application 1-component adhesive:

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Picture: 1 component adhesive being dispensed in beads/strings (System 1900).

The widths of the application machine type can vary from a single nozzle to several metres wide. Nozzles are protected from atmosphere in a box filled with an oil. Typically this type of automatic adhesive application system is used to make sandwich panels for many industries examples such as facade panels, caravans and PVC-U doors. Mostly moisture curing one component polyurethane glue is dispensed using this type of automatic glue applicator, other types of adhesive that can coated to panels are PVC, MS-Polymers and silicate adhesives.





System type 1900 (picture of adhesive is top left of this page, layout sketch)

Available with sensors to open and shut adhesive valves to save adhesive where there is a 'cut-out' in the target material panel applied to. The target material moves in the X-direction or whole machine moves on wheels over the target material.

Typical example usage for this automatic adhesive applicator is in PVC-U doors where there is glazing apperatures in the foam core and plywood reinforcements, this machine is controlled so that adhesive supply valves automatically shut off when sensing the glazing apperature, this can save 15 to 30% on glue, depending on the design of the panel.

Video available!




System type 1900 (alternative, layout sketch, continuous line sketch)

Laminating lines for facade panels either continuous or discontinuous are avaiable, with very thick panels the automatic glue dispensing spreader will firstly apply to the steel formed external skin on the first pass, once the core material of expanded polystrene or mineral wool is position the automatic adhesive application spreader then raises to dispense the glue at the optimum height from the core material so that accuracy of glue and water is applied correctly.




System type 3400 (also known as 'diamond bead'')

This system is designed for using 1 adhesive or 2 component glues, it has an application head that reciprocates across the panel (Y-direction) and either a conveyor moves the target material or the whole machine moves in the X-direction. This very fast application is very good on continuous laminating lines particularly where the adhesive spreader is disposable when using very fast curing adhesives, once the glue is curing the disposable plastic spreader head is thrown away a new one can be fitted very quickly.



System type 1900 (manual, pump in drum, sketch)

A very simple system for 1- component adhesive, but reliable and robust. The glue pump sits in the 200 litre drum, a silica gel drying tube is fitted to the other bung hole to protect the one component glue from reacting to moisture. The pump speed is controlled by adjusting the compressed air flow to the air motor on top of the displacement piston pump. The pump packing are specially selected to suit the glue being used and a gland nut filled with oil protects the packings from moisture reacting with the adhesive.


System type 1900 (manual, high capacity, sketch layout) As above with floor mounted pump, with the drum on side

System type 1900 (manual, on trolley) sketch

For application of 1-component adhesive manually to larger surfaces. To make the system work all that is required is a compressed airline. The glue applicator for this moveable manual system has a series of nozzles on the adhesive spreader rake, many widths are available from 50mm to 1000mm wide ; a disposable plastic spreader is also available.

Bead/String application 2-component adhesive:


Picture: 2 component adhesive being dispensed in beads/strings from our disposable plastic glue spreader.

Typical widths of application are from a single nozzle to around 1000mm; spreaders are made of steel section in a variety of glue coating sizes, however we do have plastic disposable spreaders which save cost and are environmentally better due to no solvent is required for cleaning.

Available in 500mm and 150mm



System type 3600 (layout, sketch, system sketch, dispensing sketch)

Suitable for application of 2-component adhesive to large surface areas, the machine runs on rails in the floor, this machine was designed specifically for the making of refrigerated truck/trailer sandwich panels with 'lay up' over vacuum table presses. The application arm swings through 180 degrees so that the automatic 2 - component glue application can be made to another row of vacuum press tables.

Application of adhesive is by indexing across (Y-direction then X-direction) or indexing along the length of the target area (X-direction then Y-direction).

Video available!


System type 3500 (layout sketch, system sketch, dispensing sketch)

This system has the same control and major elements of the 3600 machine above, it can run on rails on the floor or on the application table itself; or can be mounted on different conveyor systems.

Application of adhesive is by indexing across (Y-direction then X-direction) or indexing along the length of the target area (X-direction then Y-direction).


System type 3400 (also known as 'diamond beader')

This system is designed for using 1 or 2 component adhesive, it has an application head that reciprocates across the panel (Y-direction) and either a conveyor moves the target material or the whole machine moves in the X-direction.


System 3200 (manual application on trolley)

This system is for manual application of 2-component adhesives of many types, very popular for making large sandwich panel contructions such as truck/trailer panels.

A plastic disposable plastic spreader and mixer are used for convenience and avoid solvent cleaning.


Simple to maintain, reliable and robust.


Dispensing 2-component adhesive:


System type 3200 for dispensing adhesive types such as polyurethanes, silicate, silicone, epoxy, MS polymer and polysulfides, this glue metering and mixing system can be robot controlled with automated X, Y & Z movement to automatically dispense adhesive accurately from a single drop to up to 20 litres per minute.

System type 3200 for 'wood' products

System type 3200, pump primer for dense or thixotropic adhesives where the glue has to be 'forced' into the bottom of the pump to prevent cavitation, sketch.


Casting, electronic encapsulation, dispensing:


14 page summary catalogue of dispensing machines available. This meter mix dispense catalogue has our resin and 2 part adhesive dosing equipment all resin metering and mixing systems can be supplied simple PLC control to full mass-flow control to ensure the ratio and amount of resin is dispensed very accurately. These resin / adhesive dispensing systems can have recipes programmed so that multiple moulding or potting jobs can be saved and called up again for future use.

System type 2300

System type 3200

System type 9800



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